What are the reasons for the warping or curling of a PVC roll floor?

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PVC roll floor is the flooring you cannot install without sufficient skill and knowledge. The vinyl floor looks beautiful at first sight but tends to warp and curl as time passes. What are the reasons for the warping and curling of PVC roll floors? This article will examine the reasons for the warping and curling of PVC roll floors to enable users to make certain preventive measures in advance.


1. When the PVC roll floor is not installed properly.

2. When the PVC roll floor is of inferior quality.

3. When there are issues with the PVC roll floor construction process.

4. When wrong construction accessories are used during installation.

5. When there is improper maintenance of the PVC roll floor after installation.

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1. Improper Installation problems

There are many reasons for the warping and curling of PVC roll flooring. One of these problems is improper installation. If you are installing your vinyl floor, ensure that you follow the instructions given by the manufacturer. Installing vinyl floors can be tricky. So it is better to know some of the wrong steps that can cause warping and curling during installation.

A. Incorrect Measurement

Incorrect measuring or cutting of the vinyl or not allowing the vinyl to acclimate to the room temperature before installation can cause warping and curling of the vinyl floors. So ensure you take proper measurements before cutting the vinyl.

B. Uneven leveled Subfloor

Additionally, a subfloor that has not been leveled or smoothened well can cause problems during installation. To avoid this problem, consider the thickness of the vinyl flooring underlayment, as thicker underlayments will help reduce both bumps and ridges on the surface.

C. Incorrect placement

In addition, incorrect placement of cutting edges during installation can create an unstable seam line, with one edge being thicker than another. As these panels continue to move around during use, this difference becomes more pronounced and causes curls or waves that grow larger over time. So ensure you properly place the edges.

D. High-pressure levels

Avoid applying high-pressure levels when connecting panels because they can also result in greater thickness variations across a floor surface and may lead to warping or curling.

E. Poor Acclimation

As long as the correct installation practices are followed, you’ll find that your floor stays wrinkle-free. To prevent wrinkles and buckles on your new roll-out floors, ensure you allow your materials to acclimate to room temperature before laying them down. A little preparation goes a long way when it comes to having a successful installation.

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2. Inferior PVC Floor Product

The quality of the products sold by your local suppliers is very important. It is not just about whether or not it is virgin PVC but also how they make it. There are other factors you need to consider to not fall victim of buying inferior PVC floor options.

A. Inexperienced Third-party Supplier

You need to know if the manufacturer has not purchased her raw materials from a third-party supplier. Most of these suppliers use inferior materials in the manufacturing process.

B. Poor Finishing Techniques

You also need to know that many manufacturers use poor finishing techniques during the manufacturing process, which results in poor finished products that do not meet industry standards for quality and durability.

C. Improper Equipment Maintenance

Also, avoid companies with inadequate equipment maintenance staff or proper equipment maintenance procedures. As a result, they tend to produce poorly finished products that do not meet industry standards for quality and durability. The consequence of installing such inferior products is deconstruction stability which will reveal poor separation resistance during removal, leading to thermal expansion and contraction.


To avoid falling victim to this mistake, purchase your PVC roll floor from a registered flooring company or manufacturer. Check if the products are certified, not rough handled at the delivery and if the products have no defects before accepting them.

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3. Construction Process

Construction work can also affect the quality of vinyl flooring, especially if done improperly or incompletely. Most construction team members are not professionals. They don’t know how to construct this kind of product. Instead, they use common tools to make and sell it as a finished product. They can easily produce an inferior product because they don’t know about the construction process.

* Poor Ground Foundation

Aside from that, warping or curling may occur on your PVC roll floor during construction process if the ground foundation is not good or uneven. The wrong choice of materials can also lead to unevenness of the surface. There could also be a temperature issue, as PVC will become softer when heated. If there’s an issue with the temperature at which the adhesive cures, it might not cure properly on top of a PVC surface.


However, you may not experience this if you choose a professional construction team for your PVC roll floor. Also, ensure the ground is flat before installing procedures when the temperature is good.

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4. Inferior construction accessories

One of those things you need to take into consideration when installing PVC rolls is to avoid inferior accessories. Ensure your tools, such as double-sided tape, latex, Henkel, vibration-absorbing pads, and other common accessories used during installation, are not substandard. Using improper installation accessories will not only result in a bad-looking but also cost you a lot after. In addition, poor or unevenly applied adhesive can cause the PVC roll floor to warp or curl.

This situation occurs if the installer uses substandard flue or adhesive or does not use enough glue. Often there will be an excessive amount on each side, or it won’t adhere because of dirty or wet surfaces that did not dry out before application. It’s also possible that the sealant didn’t reach all areas between adjacent pieces of tape when laying down strips, which could cause separation and tearing of the vinyl sheeting over time. It can also happen if you try using tapes with a different width than those originally installed with the vinyl flooring.


Therefore, if you desire a PVC roll floor that works well, choose good-quality construction accessories. Also avoid using too many chemical adhesives, and pay attention to its installation quality. You might also need to buy specific adhesive back installation tapes, which have glue on both sides of the material instead of just one. In addition, you should ensure the adhesive is applied evenly on the floor surface and that there are no air bubbles between the floor and the adhesive. Also, apply the adhesive around all corners evenly so it has enough time to dry completely.

When applying the adhesive, it is necessary to pay attention to the temperature of the room in which you will install it because different temperatures affect the adhesion of the adhesive. If the temperature is too high or too low, it will cause problems with adhesion and warping. After applying the PVC roll floor on the flat surface, you must wait for the adhesive to dry and harden.

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5. Improper Maintenance

The main reason for warping and curling PVC roll floor can also occur due to improper maintenance. It is a common problem with PVC roll floors because of their porous nature. However, a few post-maintenance problems can cause PVC to warp or curl. For example, if it is not installed correctly, it can start to warp or curl.

Another problem that can cause PVC to warp or curl is if it gets wet due to improper maintenance. If water penetrates the surface of the PVC, then it will begin to absorb into the material. This condition will result in more weight on one side than another, which causes warping or curling.

In addition, water can damage PVC is by penetrating the PVC matrix and causing swelling of the PVC compound. The result is shrinkage and distortion of the rolled flooring, which develops ripples or waves. In addition, water can affect PVC by stripping off some protective coatings when cleaning with soap and water.

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6. The Effects of Ultraviolet Rays

Ultraviolet (UV) rays from sunlight can also cause damaging effects on polyvinyl chloride (PVC) materials, including PVC roll flooring, after installation, causing warping and curling. To avoid these, ensure there is protection measure such as shade cloths or reflective films installed over them and carry out regular maintenance to ensure that it remains in good condition.

How to fix a damaged, warped, or curled PVC roll floor

You’re in luck if you’re looking for a way to fix a warped, curled, or damaged vinyl sheet floor. Vinyl flooring is easy to repair. If your vinyl flooring has been harmed, all you need is some glue, some time, and the following techniques:

● Measure the damaged area with a ruler and pencil. This process will help you ensure that you’re only fixing what needs to be fixed and not wasting time on areas that aren’t damaged.

● Remove any damaged or loose pieces from your floor by vacuuming them or sweeping them away with a leaf blower. This procedure will help you see any warped areas that need to be replaced. If you find any problems, ask your technician to fix these issues before proceeding with the installation process.

● Use a straightedge tool such as an awl or plywood square to mark where the damaged area is located on your flooring. This step will help you know where to apply new vinyl sheets when fixing them up!

● After that, apply glue along the cut edge of your flooring and press it into place. Make sure that you glue down each board with 100% contact adhesive. Doing so will ensure a good grip between the tiles and the subfloor or underlayment, preventing them from lifting as they dry out. 

● You’ll also need to sand down any areas where there are cuts, for they do not look like they were made by accident! Use fine-grit sandpaper (300 grit) for this job until the flooring is smooth. Then, apply another coat of glue and press it into place.

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However, follow these steps to fix your warped or curled vinyl flooring:

● Use a rubber mallet to gently flatten the warped or curled vinyl flooring until it returns to its original shape.

● Apply a thin layer of adhesive to fix the vinyl sheet floor using a roller application tool (if needed). If you use a roll-on adhesive, apply it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

● Use an adhesive gun and apply glue along the entire surface of your warped vinyl sheet flooring.

● Apply pressure evenly over about 30 minutes until all edges fully adhere

● Smooth any bubbles or wrinkles using a rag or roller, then let it dry for at least 24 hours

Final Thoughts

As you can see, many factors lead to the common problem of the warping and curling of PVC roll flooring. A way to prevent this occurrence is by ensuring you’re not storing them where they’re not at risk of being hit by lightning or another natural disaster. Use a moisture barrier, such as cardboard, to keep your rolls dry and clean. It is important to take care of these things to avoid issues with warping and curling PVC Roll Flooring.

In conclusion, the warping and curling of PVC Roll Flooring are more likely to happen if you have the right manufacturer supplying your PVC roll floor like Teelandfloor Industry.

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As a well-known professional manufacturer in China, we take great pride in our products and provide them to our customers at the best possible price. Installing inferior products can be dangerous and costly to your business. We manufacture our PVC roll floor to meet or exceed all industry standards for quality and durability. Please contact us if you’re seeking a low-cost approach to upgrade your facilities. We believe this article has given you further insight into the causes of warping and curling in PVC roll flooring and how to correct it.

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