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Featured Project

Sport Vinyl Floor

We have extensive experience in supplying pvc sport floor and our distributors have supplied to the Olympic Games as well as world class badminton and basketball etc tournaments

National Games

Jinling Gymnasium

Hubei Normal College

Fujian Quanzhou Primary School

Featured Project

Commercial Vinyl Floor

For commercial pvc flooring, we serve clients such as hospitals, shopping malls, schools and recreation centres. Our products are comfortable, hard-wearing and silent, and are well received by our customers

YinChuan Railway Station

Nanking Metro

Suzhou Second Library

Hebei Shijiazhuang Nursing Home

Featured Project

Custom Vinyl Floor

We can offer our customers a wider range of customised pvc floor, including customised thicknesses and patterns, to make their flooring stand out and create a branded atmosphere for their premises

Beijing Zhenai Kindergarten

Shaoxing Sports Centre

Longyanghui Shopping Malls

Nanjing Children's Activity Center

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