What kind of flooring is usually used in nursing homes?

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Nursing homes are where senior people live and have their community. This age range is more vulnerable to injuries like falls and slips. It is the reason why the building structure needs to be well-made and safe. 

One of the considerations for the home structure is flooring. Choosing floor coverings for nursing homes can be difficult. It must pass the flooring requirements and needs to be excellent and comforting. 

And among the flooring options in the market, the best one for nursing homes is PVC vinyl. This flooring type is high-quality and ideal for safety and convenience, which is a concern. This function is more about making the residents feel at ease and comfortable. 

PVC vinyl has been a top choice of floorings because of its function and performance. It passed, even exceeding the demands of elderly living and nursing operations. So, in this post, we will dwell deeper on PVC vinyl, its features, and why it is a must-buy. 

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What kind of flooring do nursing homes need?

Many floorings are available in the market, so you have many options. The only problem is when it comes to nursing homes; you need to consider many things. Nursing home flooring should be versatile and can adjust to different spaces. It would be best if you will not choose floors because of their performance alone. You should also weigh if they can be safe, durable, and comfortable. 

The following are the of the top flooring vinyl options of TeeLand, perfect for nursing homes:

PVC sport floor

Most nursing facilities have an activity space where the elderly can have their leisure. For this reason, nursing homes place equipment that is big and heavy. The elderly also spend a lot of time and create a lot of movement in this space. So, much-needed support and comfort are a must. 

PVC sports floor is among the surface flooring options that are highly durable. This floor can withstand high foot traffic due to having a wear layer on top of its surface. It even has a high level of shock absorption while still providing great comfort. It also has the characteristic of being non-slip and water-resistant. 

PVC sheet vinyl

Teeland also offers PVC sheet vinyl, one of the best flooring options. We ensured that every sheet passed the flooring requirements for nursing homes and assisted living. We offer two types of sheet vinyl, one with compact backing and the other with foam backing. 

PVC sheet vinyl with compact backing

PVC sheet vinyl with compact backing that has a firm base. These base materials are either low-foam or non-foaming, giving the floor many benefits. One of the benefits that these floors provide is being durable. They can be stable and sustain high traffic, even in sensitive spaces. 

This type of sheet vinyl flooring is also water-resistant and moisture resistant. Since the elderly are prone to slippage, these floors prevent falls. Sheet vinyl with compact backing is also low maintenance and easy to clean. Nursing homes and assisted living cleaners will not spend so much on making the floor look nice. They can also be at ease that no bacteria will stash since it is compatible with antibacterial treatment. 

This flooring option is also great for corridors and public areas because it’s beautiful and functional. It can withstand moisture and humidity, making it durable. It also meets the characteristics of being compressive, wear-resistant, and easy to maintain. 

PVC sheet vinyl with foam backing

PVC sheet vinyl with foam backing is one of the perfect options for assisted living homes. It is among the best flooring suitable for living rooms or activity areas. Sheet vinyl has many benefits, but adding this underlayer can increase them. One of the benefits of this flooring type is it adds softness and warmth. It will make the floors comfortable for the senior residents of the homes. 

There are more reasons why this is one of our must-buy products. First, our foam back serves as a support to make the floor durable and stable. It also reduces sound caused by high foot traffic, which helps not disturb seniors. Even with busy days in living centers, it can quiet footsteps. 

Among the crucial factors these floors have is they resist moisture and water. It will protect your flooring and keep it usable for many years. These floors are also soft, making them comfier for seniors to walk on. It even has wear resistance and cushioning qualities to give foot comfort. And because its layers can be an excellent benefit in protecting the elders’ knees and ankles. 

Homogeneous vinyl sheet

Another flooring option that we offer is a homogeneous vinyl sheet. This type of flooring that Teeland provides is suitable for living centers. It is a popular option since it is durable and meets the flooring requirements for this space. It has pollution, non-slip, antibacterial, and pressure resistance characteristics. It is also cost lower compared to other types offered in the market. It is still cost-effective even with how they look as floors for interior design. 

Safety is among the factors this flooring has. It has layers that offer stability and grip, which leads to fewer falls and slips. It reduces the risk of injuries, especially for the elderly and with aging problems. Vinyl sheets are also resistant to moisture; you can use them in any room in senior living centers. It would also be ideal for areas like infirmaries and reception centers. The reason is that these areas need the floors to be aesthetic, easy to clean, and durable. 

Other floorings types suitable for living facilities

Vinyl floors are practical as it is, but there are also other options that you can use, such as:

  • Rubber flooring
  • Luxury vinyl flooring LVF
  • Carpet floors
  • Linoleum floors
  • Wood floors
  • Cork flooring
pvc nursing floor

What are the precautions for installing floors in nursing homes?

The following are some of the precautions when installing floors in specific spaces in nursing homes:

Main Flooring: Safety should be a priority for the floorings. When installing the floors, note that they need to be seamless and resistant to slips. Even if carpeting and rugs are on top, they should have no sharp corners or edges. 

Stairs: When installing floors for stairs, ensure that it provides an excellent grip. Carpeting is also an option to lay on top of the flooring. This carpet should not look torn, worn, or slick when installed.

Verandah: When the assisted living or senior homes have this space, the floors should not have hard surfaces. Instead, it should be sturdy while still being soft. 

Bathrooms: Bathrooms are a common area of accidents because of their wet surface. It is why the floors installed should be water-resistant and slip-resistant. It would be best if you prioritized this space to be easy to maintain. 

Living Room: The living room is one of the high-traffic areas of the house. For this reason, the elderly should feel comfortable and move quickly. It should also offer safety by preventing falls or slips. 

vinyl nursing floor

What factors do you need to weigh when choosing vinyl floorings for nursing homes?

You must have options when choosing which flooring materials are best for assisted living homes. Each floor has its own set of pros and cons. It is why, before you decide which ones to buy, you can refer to the criteria below:

Cushioning: The floors should be able to absorb the impact of falls. Since falls and slips are an aging issue, cushioning can lessen their adverse effects. 

Slip Resistance: The flooring should be non-slip so the seniors can move around without worry. So the floors need to have high friction material and a firm grip. 

Comfort: Seniors walking should also feel comfortable. It is also why a warm and cozy underfoot is a must since they lessen joint pains and fatigue. 

Natural Design: Aesthetic plays a massive part in making the center feels homey. Since most elders residing in this place are alone, these designs can bring them comfort. 

vinyl sheet floor for nursing

What kind of flooring should be used in the corridors, bedrooms, public areas, and activity centers of nursing homes?

There are many surface floorings available in the market. These types have different purposes and goals, so you must consider where to place them. For instance, corridors have high foot traffic since staff and seniors walk around. The best flooring for this area is vinyl since they are durable, easy to clean, and moisture resistant. 

When it comes to assisted living bedrooms, it needs to be soft and comfortable. The best floor that meets this factor is carpet. The carpet has comfy underfoot cushioning and has insulator for cold weather. It will also absorb a significant impact if the senior trips or falls. 

Public areas have high traffic and are prone to foot movement. The floors in this space should be durable and resistant to wear, dents, and scratches. It should also have an aesthetic look, which is why vinyl is a good option for this space. 

Luxury vinyl flooring is the best type for activity centers in assisted facilities. This floor withstands incredible impact and wear and tear. Even with constant movements, they will still appear good as new. It also offers slip resistance, especially if the ones playing and exerting moments are seniors.

pvc nursing roll floor

What are the benefits of TeeLand PVC sports flooring in nursing homes?

TeeLand is one of your best bets when you want to find the best floorings for nursing homes. We have a wide range of vinyl products that is adaptable and flexible. Among our products, our PVC vinyl is a good option for this space. 

This vinyl is durable, which is a notable investment for these homes. It also provides many benefits for seniors who want to rest and enjoy their time. If you are interested in more of what we can offer, our line is available for you. Let us know what you need, and we can build dream flooring together. 

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